Two Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Dye Your Hair


If you've gone your whole life without dyeing your hair, you don't know what you could be missing out on.  Coloring your hair gives you the opportunity to try on a different hue than what you were born with, and the results can be amazing.  Instead of continuing to wonder what you would look like with a different hair color, use this information to learn more about why now is the perfect time to dye your hair. 

A New Hair Color Could Signal a Positive Life Change

One of the main reasons why you should color your hair is because it could be the start to an entirely new, positive stage in your life.  You may not realize just how much your old hair color has become associated with times that you'd rather leave behind.

This is especially true if you've gone through a particularly hard time.  You may have had a bad breakup, lost a job, or gone through a whole host of other events.  While you may want to move to a new house, find new work, or even start dating again, each time you look in the mirror, the image reflected there could trigger thoughts about a time you'd rather forget.

Coloring your hair can make you look completely different.  As a result, you may even start to feel more confident and like you're ready to regain a sense of self that you may have lost as a result of what you endured.  Your new hair color could be the start to a whole new life.

Hair Color Is All about Novelty

Another reason why you should color your hair is because it's all about the novelty.  You don't have to choose a permanent dye; instead, you can go with a semi-permanent or even temporary color that lets you easily return back to your original color if you decide to do so.

The color of your hair can be looked at as an accessory.  Maybe you just want a color for a special event, or you may want to change your hair color as the seasons blend into each other.  Either way, changing your hair color can be fun and exciting and a great way to showcase your personal style.

Dyeing your hair may prove to be one of the best decisions you could have made.  To learn about hair colors and the dyeing process, talk to a hair stylist near you.


10 October 2016

A Healthy Diet is Important for Healthy Skin and Hair

I was blessed with healthy, thick hair and perfect skin as a young girl. I went to college out-of-state, and I soon started to get acne and my hair started thinning. Everyone told me that it was likely due to stress, but to be honest, I loved college and found most of my first-year classes pretty easy. During my first summer home I put two-and-two together: my eating habits changed drastically at college. My mother always fed us very healthy meals, and my eating habits at college were so bad that I even ate cookies for breakfast sometimes! I found out my hair loss was due to lack of healthy vitamins in my diet and my skin problems were also caused by my poor diet. I created this blog to help other learn how their health, skin, and are all connected, and I hope you can learn a lot here!