4 Things You Need To Know About Affordable Tattoo Removal


Affordable tattoo removal is on your mind—constantly. Maybe you have a not-so-nice-looking design, you've got ink on a much too conspicuous part of your body, or you have a major life event (such as your wedding) and don't want the tattoo that you got on your 18th birthday showing. Whatever the reason is, removal is a real possibility. Before making this major decision, check out the facts on tattoo removal.

Color Removal

You have a rainbow of colors on your back, and are wondering if you can actually have all of the hues removed. That depends on the type of removal you choose. Some lasers (such as a dual laser system) can remove ink colors, according to the National Association of Laser and Aesthetics. This includes green, blue, red and orange—which are often tricky to take away, due to their brightness. Keep in mind, not all removal procedures can get rid of deep and bright colors. Some laser procedures (and less costly alternative methods) will only fade the colors.

Creams and Topicals

The most affordable tattoo removal products are typically creams and other topical ointments. These claim to fade the colors or might even say they actually "remove" the ink completely. Creams don't penetrate the skin deep enough to truly get rid of the tattoo. That said, they may fade the colors or even bleach them to some extent. While they are significantly less expensive than laser treatments, they won't make your tattoo go away completely.

Large Tattoos

Your entire thigh is covered with a massive tattoo. Obviously you want the whole thing to go away. But, that might not happen in one removal session. Large tattoo removal is entirely possible. That said, you may need a few laser sessions to take care of the entire area. Splitting removal over a few sessions also makes any discomfort you may feel much more manageable.

New Tattoos

You just got some new ink, and have had a change of heart. Newer tattoos are often more challenging to remove than older ones, according to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. Why? Newer inks and deeper colors won't fade as easily. Think about that decades-old tattoo your grandpa has. It's well on its own way to fading, all by itself. Now compare it to your new ink. Obviously, there's a major difference. You're starting from a much bolder or darker place. That's okay. Laser methods can help even the brightest tattoos.

You want affordable tattoo removal. That's completely understandable. Before choosing which method you want to go with, keep in mind that you often get what you pay for. A "cheap" method might mean that you don't see much of a difference or that the colors barely fade. When judging affordability, take into consideration how well the treatment actually works and how often you'll need it. 


13 October 2016

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