Three Things You Need To Know About Ultherapy


If you want to improve the appearance of your wrinkles and fine lines while simultaneously tightening skin that is starting to droop, Ultherapy can help you accomplish these goals. Ultherapy is a non-surgical procedure that uses ultrasound energy to rejuvenate the skin.

As you age, the body's collagen breaks down, causing your skin to droop and lose its elasticity. Ultherapy helps you replace this lost collagen. Check out a few must-know facts about the Ultherapy procedure.

1. Ultherapy Is an FDA-Approved Anti-Aging Treatment 

Ultherapy is one of the few energy-based, non-invasive procedures that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for tightening and lifting the skin around the neck and face. This means that the FDA observed results from multiple real-life patients and found that Ultherapy is safe and effective at reducing the signs of aging.

2. It Takes Time to Achieve Your Full Results 

Though some patients notice an immediate improvement right after an Ultherapy session, it can take two to three months to observe the full effects of your treatment. Some patients even see improvement for up to six months after a session.

When your practitioner applies the ultrasound energy to your skin, it stimulates the skin, causing it to produce new collagen. The presence of this new collagen is responsible for the reduction in your wrinkles and for the tightening of your drooping skin. However, it takes time for the body to produce this fresh collagen.

Since it takes a few months for the procedure's full effects to be visually apparent, many feel like the outcome is more natural than procedures that yield more immediate results. 

3. You Can Use Ultherapy on Multiple Areas of the Body 

It is common for patients to have sun damage across their face, neck, and chest. Other procedures, like a facelift, only address the aged skin around the face and neck. Fortunately, your doctor can also Ultherapy to rejuvenate the skin on your chest, making it appear more taunt and with fewer wrinkles.

4. Ultherapy Requires No Down Time

A benefit of Ultherapy is that it requires no downtime from your daily activities. Other than the time for your appointment, you won't have to miss work or spend time recuperating from your procedure. You are free to resume your normal activities as soon as your appointment is over.

Most patients only need a single Ultherapy appointment to achieve their desired results. If you want more dramatic results, you can repeat the treatment. Your body will eventually start to break down your new collagen. Unfortunately, this is an inevitable part of aging. You can have an additional treatment to "touch up" your results. 


19 November 2018

A Healthy Diet is Important for Healthy Skin and Hair

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