Coping With The Discomfort Of Hand Eczema: Why It Appears And What You Can Do To Treat It


Do you deal with hand eczema regularly? Eczema can cause you to experience red, irritated skin that is always itching. You may find yourself scratching your hands non-stop throughout the day to the point that your skin is cracking and starting to bleed. If hand eczema is becoming a huge problem for you, getting important information on hand eczema is a necessity. You can learn what might trigger your eczema and then figure out what to do to get some major relief.

What Can Cause Eczema to Develop on the Hands?

Some people have a greater risk of developing eczema on their hands because it runs in their families. If loved ones have eczema, you may have it because it is in your genes. However, certain things can trigger an outbreak that would cause you to experience excessive itchiness and irritation on your hands. If you are stressed, you have likely noticed your eczema gets a lot worse. While stress is a contributing factor, other things can lead to eczema on the hands, including lotions and laundry detergents that contain added fragrance. If your hands are always sweaty, the moisture can irritate your skin can cause eczema to appear.

Are There Ways to Get Some Relief and Treat the Hand Eczema?

You can do several things to get relief while attempting to treat eczema on your hands. Some of the actions you should take to get help for your eczema include:

  • Use fragrance-free laundry detergent when washing your clothes
  • Avoid lotions that contain fragrance because they can irritate your hands
  • Talk to your physician and ask about topical ointments you can apply to the skin for relief, such as corticosteroids
  • Use a hydrating cream for sensitive skin twice daily

Your physician may prescribe a topical ointment for you to wear on your hands when you are experiencing an eczema flareup. You should pay attention to what can trigger your eczema. If using a certain product or wearing certain things on your hands causes you to experience a flareup, you should avoid those things to avoid the itchiness and irritation that will often ensue.

It is rough to have eczema on the hands. The constant itchiness is likely such a bother for you. If your hands are irritated, learning more about what causes your eczema and what you can do to treat it is important. If you are careful about the product you use and you let your physician know about eczema, you can do your best to treat the condition and prevent flareups.

Talk to doctor for more hand eczema information.


14 November 2019

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