Ask These Haircut Questions Before Your Salon Visit


Are you ready for a dramatic change? If you want a new hairstyle but aren't sure what type of cut is the right option, take a look at the questions to ask before your next salon appointment.

What Haircut Is Right for Your Face Shape?

Your face shape can make or break a haircut. Choose the right cut for your shape, and you'll frame or complement your face in the best way possible. But if you ignore your face's shape, you could end up with a haircut you're not happy with. The most common face shapes and the cuts that match include the following:

Rectangle: Haircuts that soften this geometric face shape and conceal the angular corners can make a dramatic difference in the way you look. Avoid one-length, longer cuts. These can elongate your face instead of framing it.

Heart: If your face is wider at the top and angled at the bottom, consider a tapered bob or a shorter cut with a side part.

Round: You can go to extremes with a symmetrical round face. A short pixie cut can accentuate your face shape. But if you prefer a longer look, a layered cut is an option.

Oval: Like round faces, an oval shape can handle a short blunt bob or a longer cut. If you want to keep your long hair, choose subtle layers.

While there are some generally accepted cuts that are best for specific face shapes, other factors may impact your overall appearance. Discuss the cut you want, how it fits your face shape, and other issues that may influence your hairstyle with a professional before you decide.

What Cut Is Right for Your Hair's Texture and Volume?

Along with shape, your hair's texture and overall volume also affect how a cut looks on your face. To get the most flattering cut possible, consider:

Curly or wavy hair issues. Instead of a blunt or one-length cut, choose bouncy layers or an angled option.

Straight hair issues. A face-framing layered look can add volume and shape. If you want to modernize your look, opt for a blunt bob or an asymmetrical option.

Volume issues. While you might want to thin out heavy, thick textured hair with layers, it's likely the stylist will recommend the opposite approach for fine strands.

Are bangs on your haircut agenda? If you're entertaining this idea, talk to the stylist about how bangs will work with your hair's texture. Curly or wavy bangs may shrink and frizz. Instead of short bangs, people with these hair types may want to consider longer face-framing layers.


22 February 2021

A Healthy Diet is Important for Healthy Skin and Hair

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