Using A Balayage Treatment To Highlight Your Hair


Highlighting your hair can be a step that will help to bring out your hair color and your skin tones.  However, individuals may not be aware of all of the options that are available to them when it comes to getting highlights put in their hair. In particular, balayage treatments can be an option that many people may not realize is available for getting their highlights. What Makes Balayage Treatments Different From Traditional Highlights?

8 December 2020

Care Basics For Natural Beaded Row (NBR) Extensions


Natural Beaded Row (NBR) extensions are made with human hair and are done by attaching a track of beads onto existing hair and then sewing a weft of extension hair onto the beads. NBRs require extra attention to keep the extensions healthy and in place. Here are a few of the basics of caring for your NBR extensions.  Washing Washing hair every day is unnecessary, and doing so with extensions wears them out.

8 October 2020

4 Advantages To Keratin Smoothing Treatments


Home hair care products allow you to maintain the basic health of your hair, but the most effective hair treatments are only available at the salon. If you're not happy with your hair's current texture, consider taking advantage of a keratin smoothing treatment. Keratin treatments are available at hair salons, and they offer a variety of benefits. Here are four reasons to choose this type of smoothing treatment: 1. Combat frizzy hair.

22 July 2020

What Should You Know About The Multiple-Therapy Approach To Treating Female Pattern Baldness?


If you're a woman who has recently noticed more hair in the brush or the shower drain, you may be wondering what you can do to decelerate the hair loss you're observing. But while male pattern baldness (and treatment methods) are well-known and studied, female pattern baldness—though nearly as common—is discussed far less. Many women may not be aware of the range of treatment options available. Learn more about the multi-therapy approach to treating female pattern baldness.

7 May 2020